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Welcome to A&M Roofing and Sheet  Metal, Inc.


At A&M, our manufacturing capabilities incorporate Design, Consulting and Fabrication of all types materials including Mild Steel,  Aluminum,  Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloys.   Our work has encompassed Platforms, Access Ladders, Control Panels, Hi/Lo Pressure Duct, Product Piping, Handrails and Specialty Fittings.


We are also capable of handling your roofing projects ranging from Metal Roof Repair and/or Replacement to Built-Up Roof Repair.

We are equipped to provide our paper mills to petrochemical industry to machine shops, with quality fabrication and field services.

Our fabrication shop is equipped with the ability to shear, break, and punch various materials with computer controlled roll forming, sawing, plasma, laser and hydro cutting to your exact specifications. Our experienced certified welders can meet your most stringent weld requirements.

Metal Roofing Strainer basket

We stock a large variety of Carbon Steel, Galvanized, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel materials from 26 gauge to 2" plate...plus various sizes of extruded Structural Shapes, Expanded Metal, Wire Cloth and Perforated materials. 

In a market where safety standards and insurance requirements restrict some companies, our safety program and insurance policies have allowed us to serve our more demanding clients without fail. We are proud of our safety record and work hard to give our clients the best service possible.  All or our safety records, insurance policy documents, testimonials and customer letters are on file for your viewing upon request.


We are a locally owned and operated company founded in 2000 by Adam and Michelle Stogner.